Human Organ Atlas Search Portal

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The Human Organ Atlas is an online database of human organs scanned with a new technology developed at ESRF, called HiP-CT, Hierarchical Phase-Contrast Tomography, which allows to scan a whole intact human organ at 20 micrometer per voxel, and zoom in to any area of interest down to one micrometer per voxel without physically cutting the organ up. The data, images and analysis, are then made available online into a free open access database. This data is open for anybody anywhere in the world to download, to interact with. 

Video interview with Dr. Claire Walsh on the Human Organ Atlas

The portal frontend is based on the PaNOSC search portal and API, and could serve for providing data for other scientific communities and domains.

Provide Open Data from the Human Organs Project to the medical research user community for cutting-edge research in medicine.
The portal could serve as the basis for a generic Open Data portal for searching and downloading data from PaN sites.

To make data from the Human Organs Project available as open data via a data portal which supports searching according to the keywords and metadata of the data (e.g., organ, patient, pathology), data must be referenced by a DOI, archived and downloadable from the ESRF using the ICAT data repository. To this end, a portal frontend has been developed, based on the PaNOSC search portal and API.