Imaging covid-19 data in EOSC

LS-RI - Life Sciences
PANOSC - Photon and Neutron Science
INSTRUCT EuroBioImaging

The project has addressed storage and processing challenges for medical imaging data, specifically in the context of COVID-19 research, such as drug-target screening or advanced microscopy of COVID-19-induced subcellular morphologies.

Technical Challenge
Much modern research produces petabytes of data. So, almost all research disciplines are faced with a pressing need for increased data storage and large bandwidth requirements for sharing and analysing data.

Medical imaging data has been exposed in catalogues for “regular” data access in clouds, to test the use of streaming-based access to the imaging data, and user-focused visualisations

The project has allowed storing and processing medical imaging data in the context of COVID-19 research.

The project has been designed to drive integration across EOSC-Life and PaNOSC.