Tracing Biostructures

PANOSC - Photon and Neutron Science

The main goal of the project has been to establish and develop a data processing platform for the study of bio-structures and of fast in-situ biochemical processes.

Technical Challenge
Emerging technologies are allowing scientists to study bio-structures and fast in-situ biochemical processes that could not be detected through traditional methods like X-ray crystallography. These new processes have a rather complex data processing pipeline though, which relies especially on the fast and accurate image classification.

Open Source code repository -

VISA, the PaNOSC developed Virtual Research Environment (VRE), is the virtual platform for users to do the data processing. The platform provides remote access to terabytes of data without moving them while providing compute power in the form of GPUs and CPUs.

The data processing platform developed in the project integrates services that allow cross-disciplinary users with modest expertise gain rapid and convenient access to tools and documentation of the newest developments.

Makes access to data and computer resources available to the experimental team during the embargo period and after that to all open data users so they can analyse and publish data and results.


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