Vote for the "Open Science Competence Center in the EOSC and Beyond" session at EOSC Symposium 2024

OSCARS - Skills4EOSC Unconference session at EOSC Symposium 2024 - BANNER

Prepare to have your say in selecting the "Open Science Competence Center in the EOSC and Beyond" session for inclusion in the Unconference lineup at the EOSC Symposium 2024, to be held on 21-23 October in Berlin.

Voting opened on Tuesday, April 2, and will close on Friday, April 26, at 17:00 CET: click here to vote.

This session offers a unique opportunity to delve into the critical role of Competence Centres within the EOSC framework. Discover how these Centres are essential pillars in advancing open science while fostering collaboration and innovation.

During the session, you can discuss recent advancements within initiatives such as the Skills4EOSC Network of Competence Centres and the OSCARS project's Community-based Competence Centres. 

The interactive session is organised by Skills4EOSC, OSCARS, EOSC-EuroScienceGateway, EOSC-Focus, and EVERSE projects in collaboration with OA5 Expert Group on Skills, Training, Rewards, Recognition & Upskilling.

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